Using mySam

Talk and chat

Voice recognition

Voice recognition can be started by clicking (microphone) button - This will start voice recognition and turn into the (mysam) icon when you can start talking. On the first run it will ask for permission to access your microphone. If permission is denied or voice recognition is not supported in your browser you will see the chat input field instead.

Good first sentences to make sure everything is working would be something like:

Can you hear me


Hi, my name is Dave

Chat messages

Clicking the (keyboard) button (or when voice recognition is not supported in your browser) will start mySam's text input mode. It shows a single line text input field to type your text and confirm either with the enter key or by clicking the (checkmark) button.

Learn and train


When Sam got asked to do something but isn't sure what you meant, it will show the following learning screen:

It allows you to pick from a list of plugins (actions) and each plugin may ask for additional input and tags. Once the learning screen is confirmed mySam will execute the new action.


Tags are words from the sentence that a plugin can use to get information like who to say hi to or what location you wanted to know the weather for. For the selected tag, the tagged word(s) in the sentence can be selected by clicking on them:


Everybody makes mistakes. When Sam ran an action that wasn't what you wanted you can always correct it by clicking the (back) button. This will show the learning screen filled with the information that it thought was correct and you can make the appropriate corrections.

If Sam is not corrected but not fully certain it will assume that it was what you meant and retrain itself with that information getting smarter and more used to you over time.

Built-in plugins

Currently the following plugins are included:

  • Make a reply - Reply with a predefined text
  • Show the learning screen
  • Say hi - Say hi to someone or something
  • Go home - Show the initial home screen
  • Show the help - Show the help with a list of available actions
  • Change the language (experimental) - Change to a different language

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